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November 2, 2015

The Parent Trip: Jenny and Burton Mills of Chestnut Hill

By Anndee Hochman, for The Inquirer

October 28, 2015

In lieu of flowers, the bridesmaids bore rocks.

Each woman carried a nugget of Block Island, then they walked to an open field and set the rocks down in a circle. It was June 2013, and the longest day of the year. Jenny and Burton stepped into the center of the ring, where they spoke vows extemporaneously – whatever brimmed in their hearts at that moment.

This wedding, in a place Burton had visited as a child and where he’d nearly proposed to Jenny after seven months of courtship, was a chance to let family and friends see who they were as a couple – not only during the ceremony, but at brunch the next day, at the beach, and at a bonfire where a friend strummed guitar.

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