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July 6, 2016

What exactly IS live polling and why do we use it at #SWH2016?

It’s hard to believe that The State of Women’s Health breakfast symposium (#SWH2016) is a little less than a month away! We are working hard to ensure that this event meets our audience’s expectations and then some – especially when we say that it is an “audience-interactive” program.

What does that mean, exactly?

How does a breakfast panel event make it feel like all 300+ in attendance are having an actual dialogue on important topics in women’s healthcare policy?

By using a live-polling platform that allows everyone to give their input in real-time!

In order to maximize the audience’s ability to participate and collaborate in the dialogue, we use the Live Polling platform, which you access via your smart phone. We ask the audience and the panelists several questions, and as you participate, your live polling results roll in on the big screen, allowing your input to guide the direction of the program and creating an interactive, dynamic environment!

To test it out, go to on your phone and enter the code #SWH2016.

Polls are already live! Give your feedback and lend your voice TODAY!

Last year at #SWH2015, hundreds of attendees voiced their opinions and we were able to quantify and utilize their feedback in real-time. For example:

The symposium sold out last year, so be sure to register today!  Also, be sure to share this event with those you think should join the dialogue and lend their voice to this important discussion.

Learn more about #SWH2016: our Program, our expert Panelists, and topics of discussion here!