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January 26, 2017

Exciting new offering at LWC: Nitrous Oxide for labor!

We are excited to announce that LWC is now offering Nitrous Oxide as an option for labor management!

We are one of the first maternity care facilities in the Philadelphia region to offer this safe, easy and comforting form of relief. Our mission has always been to empower women to feel in control of their birth experience, and Nitrous Oxide is a fantastic tool that falls within the continuum of this philosophy of care.

Women report reduction in anxiety, pain relief, and feelings of euphoria and comfort, and we believe it may help more women achieve their goals of a fulfilling and empowering birth experience!
Of course, all clients will continue to receive our personalized care, education and support, and, as with all pain relief choices, nitrous will be optional.

In many countries including the UK, Finland, Sweden, Canada and Australia, nitrous oxide is one of the most common forms of labor pain relief. It is safe to use in all stages of labor, as well as during postpartum repairs.

Nitrous is taken easily via facemask, and women remain fully conscious. One study found that c-section rates were lower in nitrous users, and active labor shorter. It can be initiated and discontinued quickly, and relief usually occurs after 30-60 seconds. It also clears from the system in 30-60 seconds. Women maintain total freedom of movement. It has no effect on fetal heart rate and is eliminated quickly and entirely, and does not affect babies’ respirations, nor their sucking or neonatal behavior.

There are some contraindications to use, so we will carefully screen clients and will make sure you are informed as to whether it is a good option for you.

After 50 years of extensive, safe use in other countries, we are excited to have another option to offer women as an aid to achieving their birth hopes and dreams!

If you are newly pregnant and would like to learn more about birthing at our facility, please register for our free Childbirth Seminar for an orientation & tour and to see if The Birth Center at Lifecycle WomanCare is the right fit for your family.