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March 20, 2017

Intrauterine Devices (IUDs): Currently in popular demand at LWC

Huge spike in the number of women choosing long-term birth control at Lifecycle WomanCare

It’s not just buzz on social media – our numbers show women really are making a sudden run to get birth control

Amazingly, we here at Lifecycle WomanCare (LWC) have seen a 100 percent jump in the number of women seeking and having intrauterine devices (IUDs) inserted in the last three (3) months.

Since November, LWC has been flooded with more than double our usual requests for IUD’s, as compared to the same time frame in 2014-15 and 2015-16. LWC Clinical Director Julie Cristol, CNM, says that client after client is coming into their appointments very concerned that if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, contraceptives, as well as a fuller scope of healthcare, could become unaffordable for them.
“To put it bluntly, the future of women’s healthcare coverage is highly uncertain. So it’s not surprising that women are taking control of the things they can control now, and choosing long-term birth control is part of that effort,” LWC Executive Director, Kathy Boockvar, says.

In light of this phenomenon, we reached out to some of our clients, and this is what they told us:

The reason I decided to get an IUD is multifaceted. Uncertainty about the future of health insurance, maternity care coverage, protections for breastfeeding mothers in the workplace, and even our financial future due to the decisions being made in the White House, are all giving us very real pause. This being said, the fear of losing birth control coverage during a time when we are not ready for another pregnancy made me decide to pursue a long term option.” – Lara, LWC Client

I forsee the cost of health-care continuing to rise. I already struggle to pay for the prescriptions I am on from month to month. Having an IUD will eliminate the need to purchase birth control pills. I also don’t plan on having children and I see the IUD as a safer and more permanent solution to the pill. Who knows in what ways women’s health will head in the future. I see the IUD as a way to keep some of my power and identity. Thank you for all you do at your practice and for valuing the opinions of women!”  – Emily, LWC Client

After the birth of our second child I looked into an IUD for a number of reasons. First of all I’ve tried a number of pills and had negative side effects with every pill I tried. I was also hesitant to try the pill because I know several friends who got pregnant while on the pill. Meanwhile I have friends with IUDs that have had very positive experiences. I have a very strong family history of blood clots, DVTs and stroke and use of the pill increases the risk for blood clots. An IUD does not increase the risk of blood clots so would be a safer option for me. I will be getting an IUD, the question is when. I would have to pay $1000 out of pocket and I simply cannot afford that right now. I am nervous about this out of pocket cost increasing with the new presidential administration.” – Esther, LWC Client

I got an IUD because of the fear of losing my medical assistance provided through ACA, especially given the recent attacks on repeal and other low income sources. I’m a full time student with a 2 year old and cannot afford another child at this point so the IUD was my best choice, come what may.” – Katherine, LWC Client

The current political and healthcare system directly influenced my decision to obtain a new IUD. I received my first IUD after the birth of my son in 2009. Birth control shots were not working out for me and I was looking for a “set it and forget it” contraceptive. I was 20 years old when I had my son and was not ready for more children. My son and I are doing so much better emotionally and financially. I believe this is partially due to having a reliable birth control and me being focused on getting a full-time, well-paying job (which I have now). I actually was not due for a new IUD until November 2017, but due to everything going on I didn’t want to wait until then. My current provider covered the new IUD at no cost and I am set for 5 years. It is so important to women’s health to have reliable birth control.” – Stephanie, LWC Client

IUDs are a safe, 99% effective, long-acting method of birth control. IUDs provide up to 5 years of pregnancy prevention with no on-going pills or injections. And no long-term effect on fertility.

If you’ve been considering a long-acting reversible contraceptive, make an appointment with us to learn more about your optionsMake an appointment today!