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August 31, 2017

The Birth Suite Makeover: COMPLETE!

For the first time in our 40-year history, we launched a campaign to modernize and redesign our birth suites for the next generation of birth center families.

The Birth Suite Makeover campaign was truly a labor of love.

Conceived in late 2014/2015 by Susan Rains, a client of LWC and founder of Rains Design, it took over two years to see the “Birth Suite Makeover Campaign” through to completion.

“I had my son at The Birth Center in 2014. At the time I couldn’t help but notice the need for visual cohesion between the birth suites and the birth philosophy taught here. TBC [LWC] focuses on the sacred journey into parenthood, and this became my design inspiration for these rooms. The changes benefit TBC in practical ways, as well as benefit all birth center families who deserve a beautiful, soothing, and inspired space in which to experience one of the most special times in life.”

– Susan Rains

LWC’s Birth Suite Makeover Journey : It takes a Village

We began this journey as an entire staff – Susan aided us as we identified both our needs and wishes for these rooms. Based on staff feedback, she designed themes and a streamlined aesthetic for each room; without replacing the dearly-loved monikers of the “Green”, “Blue”, and “Yellow” descriptors, known as such by our clientele.

Susan had a monumental task. She had to navigate which items on our wishlist were realistic vs. pipe dream due in part to the limitations of our building’s bandwidth. Then, once a realistic, itemized list was created for each specific room, Susan used her shopping and purchase savvy to select and acquire the perfect pieces.

To give an example of our nuanced needs: historically the rocking chairs/gliders in our birth suites had short life spans. They were pieces of furniture gifted to us by well-meaning friends of the birth center – but they were not made to withstand supporting the physical act of labor – over and over again. LWC needed healthcare-grade rockers that had a “home-like” feel that could match the aesthetic we desired. Unfortunately healthcare-grade furniture is usually sold in quantities for large-scale facilities: and we only needed three, unique rockers. Susan was able to acquire exactly this – healthcare-grade rockers that could be customized for each suite for a palatable price.

Once the perfect pieces were identified and purchased, Susan arranged all the installation – and all the vendors had to agree to be flexible to work around the birth of our LWC babies, of course!

Susan’s talent, efficiency, flexibility, organization and skill has left an indelible mark on our birth suites for generations to come. We cannot adequately express our gratitude;  Thank you, Susan!

Realizing our Makeover Dream : Support from our friends

Kristina, Tanner, and Christopher McCausland
Susan’s vision and painstaking work could not have come to fruition without the financial support of our birth center family and friends. It is through this spirit of generosity that we were able to see this project through to completion. We are incredibly grateful for every donation given, every area of support.

The Lifecycle WomanCare staff, in true family-fashion, came together to give a group donation to help enhance these sacred spaces that they (practically) live and work in every day – 24 hours/7 days a week.

We want to say a very special “Thank You” to Kristina, Christopher, and Tanner McCausland – who, at the close of our fundraising campaign for The Birth Suite Makeover, offered to fill in the financial gaps to ensure that every aspect of this initiative could be brought to completion.

In their words, “We believe the support you offer expecting mothers is unrivaled. When talking with others about their birth experiences in other locations, we realize how very special the Birth Center really is… Tanner is thriving and Lifecycle WomanCare is such a big part of that story… Continue the spectacular, caring, sensitive, strong, and meaningful work you do in bringing our miracles earth side.“

Thank you, McCausland family, for sharing our vision in and playing a pivotal role in this initiative!

To learn more about Rains Design, visit: