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December 4, 2018

Andwele’s Amazing Arrival

LWC client Tia Moore shares her experience at Lifecycle WomanCare.  A perfect one for 2018 Staff Appreciation Week!

“Our adventure began Jan 31, 2018. Surprise… we were pregnant! We began with the traditional OBGYN route. While we loved our OB it became clear to us that we wanted a different birth experience then our last two hospital births. We wanted to feel more informed, included and in control of our birth. For these reasons we sought alternative care. 

After a brief search we were pointed to Lifecycle WomanCare. I knew I wanted to use LCWC from the reviews I had read, however my husband was a little more apprehensive. We scheduled our orientation and walk through, I had my packet ready to hand in because I was sure that my husband would be sold and I was right. We were in! Officially patients of Lifecycle!

Appointment after appointment I fell more in love with the staff and the center. I was beyond comfortable and knew we had made the right decision. As my due date approached and the impending arrival of our baby got close we got a little nervous. Heather assured me that it would be great and she was right. 

On the morning of October 3rd my contractions started. They weren’t too bad so I continued with my daily activities. I called my mom, she lives 1.5hrs away to start heading down. Around 4pm the contractions started getting closer together and a little more intense and still I waited. Our son hadn’t arrived off the school bus yet and both he and his sister were supposed to be present for the birth. At 6pm I finally called the birth center, at the prompting of my mom because the contractions were now 6-7 minutes apart and quite intense. After our conversation I was directed to make my way in.

After having the kids shower and showering myself we were finally headed to the birth center. Baby Andy was on his way! We arrived at the center around 730pm. I was excited to see Heather greet me at the door, but unfortunately her shift was ending. However, she checked me and told me I was at 3cm and about 90% effaced. It was official, I was definitely in labor. She introduced me to Jane and Jess who would be escorting Andy into the world. 

Next, we waited, I contracted, I braided my daughters hair, we danced and sang for a few hours. At 1021p my water finally broke while I was sitting on the toilet, very convenient and mess free. We then moved back to the bed, then the birth stool, then the yoga ball. We did every position that I found comfortable. Jane and Jess were both so attentive without being overbearing. They allowed me the space to allow my body to do its thing while making sure both baby and I were safe. The next 2hrs and 32min were definitely hard at times but Jane and Jess were a dynamic duo. Along with my birthing team they made everything bearable and smooth.

At 1249 I began to push and at 1253am on October 4 our sweet boy enter this world. Andy was quiet and alert. He was placed right on my chest and my heart melted for the 3rd time. He was perfect. Having a natural birth was by far the most empowering experience of my life and it could not have been accomplished without Lifecycle WomanCare. From the moment we walked through the doors we felt welcomed and at peace. We truly thank all the staff for providing such a welcoming atmosphere and safe space for us.”