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December 5, 2018

Gazelle Retires

On August 20, 2018, our dear midwife, Gazelle Lange, worked her last shift. After fifteen years of exemplary midwifery service at LWC, Gazelle moved out of state to be closer to her family.

The beautiful home birth of her daughter in 1974 inspired Gazelle to learn more about birth work. Shortly thereafter she became a Florida licensed midwife attending home births and birth center births, assisting with the training of many other women and creating a legislative pathway for licensure of midwives. Gazelle also helped start a nonprofit women’s health center called “WomanKind.”

As a midwife, Gazelle relished witnessing the empowerment that women gain when supported and respected through the rite of passage of pregnancy and birth. She was motivated by her belief that helping families bond through this sometimes frightening but most rewarding experience helps them with the many other challenges they face in the future. As she grew personally and professionally she found enjoyment working with women going through peri- and post-menopause. 

So, what does retirement hold for Gazelle? Certainly more time and energy to hone her skills as an avid gardener, planting seeds and watching them grow. She can also be found crafting, doing yoga, meditating, making pickles and attending her husband’s musical gigs. While Gazelle has retired from full-time midwifery, she’s staying close to the work through occasional shifts at New Birth Company birth center in Kansas. She is also continuing as  a CABC site visitor, helping birth centers with their national accreditation. 

Throughout her tenure, Gazelle was an extraordinary source of support, encouragement, wisdom, strength and love… not just to our clients, but to our entire staff. Her mentorship was indispensable and we wish her much love and luck in the next chapter of her life.

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