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April 25, 2019

Staff LWC Births


I had been working at Lifecycle WomanCare as a midwife for almost three years before my daughter was born. There are many things that make the care at LWC so special: the involvement of the whole family, respect for clients’ wishes, guarding the normalcy of birth and celebrating life’s greatest moments. So for me it was a no-brainer to get care here. It was an amazing gift to be attended by such competent and loving colleagues. My nervous husband and I had skilled support from the moment my water broke, through labor, birth and a postpartum hemorrhage. Not to mention solid breastfeeding support from Patty. Hats off to midwife Gazelle, nurse Jen and doula Christina – what a stellar team!!  We’re expecting our second baby this June and are looking forward to another loving experience with LWC staff!



I have been supported by the caring team at Lifecycle WomanCare for all three of my births. With my first, I came to LWC (still The Birth Center at the time) because I wanted a birth experience that was calm and beautiful, and providers who treated labor like the natural process it is, not an emergency waiting to happen. It was a natural choice to return to LWC for my next deliveries. All three of my birth experiences were vastly different, including two of my babies being born at the hospital, but the thing that remained steadfast was the unmatched, empowering support I received from LWC.



The picture of my older daughter helping Jamesina, my midwife, with the newborn exam of her baby sister, represents why I love The Birth Center. It is inclusive and warm and a true family-centered care. She was SO excited to be part of the care of the baby. We moved to Philadelphia when I was already pregnant. I was SO happy to find The Birth Center because that was exactly the care I was hoping for for my second birth. I loved it so much that as soon as I finished my Midwifery program at Penn I join the practice!



The Birth Center/Lifecycle WomanCare is so dear to our family, and it holds such a special place in my heart. I not only work here as the Programs Coordinator, I’ve also given birth here, and, most notably, have had the great honor of seeing many little ones be welcomed earthside by their families as their doula. The care that women receive here is beyond comparison. There is just nothing like it anywhere in the area. I have been coming here for 13 years and, even though my baby making days are over, plan to continue receiving my gynecological care here indefinitely. Thank you to all the amazing women who make LWC / TBC so wonderful! (Picture: Nikki, 12 years ago, shortly after giving birth to her 4th baby in the Blue Room.)



My wife, Mariel, and I wanted to birth in a homelike environment with trusted providers. Our prenatal and birth experience through Lifecycle WomanCare was that and so much more. We loved the time taken with us during our prenatal visits and that we were involved in decisions regarding our care. The prenatal classes were very helpful in preparing both of us as a labor team. Finally, when it came time for the birth of our son we felt safe which was conducive to a low intervention birth that progressed normally. We’re so grateful to have had a birth that honored both the medical event and the sacred nature of birth.



My first baby was born in the peach room in our old building. I chose to birth at LWC because I wanted a natural birth with midwives. When my oldest was 2, I started working at The Birth Center while finishing my Nursing degree. I’ve been working at LWC in one capacity or another ever since. My second and third were born in the yellow room. My dream is to someday see my grand babies born here too!