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June 20, 2019

Kristen, Daniel and Grace’s Birth Story

“The midwifery model of prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care has always been the norm in my family. I was born in a birthing center. My sister was born in a birthing center. My cousins were born in birthing centers. As such, a hospital birth had never even crossed my mind.

Growing up, I remember my mom sharing her birthing stories with my sister and me. I remember thinking how perfect it sounded and I knew that was the path I would one day choose.
I am also blessed with a husband who supports my choices. After our introductory class at Lifecycle, he turned to me and said “this is the way birth is meant to be.” Every prenatal visit was personalized—focusing on mine and baby’s health. I was educated, given choices rather than ultimatums, and was guided to listen to my body and trust the pregnancy and birthing process.

Our baby began her entrance into this world 5 days past her due date on Tuesday 7/24/28. I woke up feeling crampy- but that was nothing new considering I was past my due date. Around 11 am I started having irregular contractions and didn’t really think anything of it. I continued about my day doing laundry and keeping myself busy. My sister came over around 1:30 pm with the plan of taking me to lunch, but by then I knew I was in labor. I calmly told her that baby was coming and she helped me time my contractions and provide support until my husband got home from work. In a matter of 2 hours my contractions went from irregular to just about 3 or 4 minutes apart lasting a minute each.

By 4 pm we were on our way to Lifecycle. We arrived at 4:30 and were greeted by Autumn, our midwife, and my mother. I knew that I wanted my husband and my mom in the room with me. They gave me room to breathe and encouragement when I needed it. Labor progressed quickly and by 6:30 I moved to the tub to help me through transition labor. I couldn’t help but be vocal during my contractions but I was never made to feel embarrassed for the way I navigated through labor. I will never forget feeling the urge to push and after checking me, Autumn said “you’re 9 cm, after this contraction let’s get you out of the tub and over to the bed to meet your baby.” Those words sent a rush of calm through me and I think pushing was my favorite part. My mom stood on one side and my husband on the other.

My husband asked if he could help deliver baby and after 40 minutes of pushing, my sweet baby arrived. I was so excited that baby was out that we completely forgot about the sex of baby! Our sweet baby girl Grace Elaine was born on 7/24/18 at 8:12 pm.

We are so thankful for the staff at the birth center for everything before, during, and after pregnancy. It wasn’t until a few days after Grace arrived that I remembered Autumn using a low and calm humming sound for each contraction. Looking back I realized how much that helped me. Something so simple yet so powerful. It’s small things like that that make Lifecycle so special. We are forever grateful ❤️