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August 22, 2019

Lactation Support in South Philly: We Saw a Need and We Made it Happen

After opening our satellite office in South Philly, we noticed something: there was an overall lack of breastfeeding services for South Philly families. Thankfully, by setting up shop at 1214 Moore Street, we realized that LWC was uniquely poised to help fill that need.

In January, we began offering lactation consultations in our South Philly office, and just this summer, we started the first breastfeeding support group in the area. Our support group, which is already thriving, meets every other Wednesday at the Bok Building (1901 S. 9th Street, Space 519). All are welcome! Bring yourself, your baby, and your questions. Groups are facilitated by Cara Puff, IBCLC. Full details can be found here.