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October 24, 2019

Another Beautiful Birth Story

“My first child was born in a hospital. It was a great unmedicated birth, like I wanted, but there were some things that left me wanting. I was constantly being poked at, and I was made to feel as though my decisions were just opinions that the doctors could steam roll if they wanted.

2.5 years later, I was pregnant again. Because of insurance issues, I went with a new practice and a new hospital. But, by my 25th week of pregnancy, I could see that I was not being supported in my decisions and wishes. I knew this would be my last birth and I wanted to be respected. So I started looking to switch to a birthing center.

After a few weeks, I was able to change insurances and switch to Lifecycle WomanCare. From my first phone call, I could tell this was a totally different experience than any other medical practice I’d been to. Finally, I was not afraid. I was not afraid that I would be pressured into medication, birthing positions, or interventions that I did not want. I was not afraid that I would be bullied into unnecessary procedures. LWC made me feel exactly how I wanted to feel: that birth is a natural, magical, sensitive process for a woman that should be honored and respected.

I gave birth to my son in the Yellow Room, exactly how I wanted to, with the support of midwife Emily and nurse Kelsey. The few things I asked for in my “Birting Hopes and Dreams” (their verison of a birth plan) were able to come true. I was not bothered with constant monitoring or cervical checks. I was able to labor and birth in whatever position I pleased. I was able to wipe my baby clean right after birth (a small act that made a magical difference in the memory of my birth). And I was able to see one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life: my baby still attached to the placenta.

I have no words for this birth. Just the unbelievable memories of feeling at home, the feeling of support (but space) to do my thing, and the high of birthing my baby exactly how I wanted.”