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November 27, 2019

A Beautiful LWC Breastfeeding Success Story

There’s nothing quite as uplifting as a breastfeeding success story. The story below, shared by our very own IBCLC Cara Puff, highlights why lactation support is so crucial, and how our dedicated team is here to help you meet your breastfeeding goals:

“This picture documents an awesome, but not easy, breastfeeding success story.

I first met baby Ruth, and parents Michelle and Dan when Ruth was just 3 days old. Michelle had successfully breastfed her previous child, but was dealing with some discomfort and engorgement. She had scheduled a lactation visit to work on latch and positioning so that things might proceed a little more smoothly. Three day old baby Ruth did her very best, but after several trips to the breast, I noticed that she was having a little trouble breastfeeding.

Over the course of several visits, we worked together on various plans to stimulate Michelle’s milk supply and help baby Ruth feed more effectively at the breast. Michelle took on a rigorous and difficult ‘triple feeding’ plan that involved breastfeeding Ruth, pumping, and providing additional milk in a bottle at most feeding sessions. At our 5th visit, Ruth took more milk in 20 minutes than she had taken after an hour of breastfeeding the week before. We were all ecstatic!

The picture above was taken at our 6th lactation visit. Baby Ruth was 5 weeks old, gaining beautifully, transferring milk well, and on her way to exclusive breastfeeding!

Although Michelle and Ruth’s breastfeeding journey has just begun, I am grateful to have played a small part in helping this lovely family with their breastfeeding goals. We often say that breastfeeding is natural, but it is not always easy. You’re not alone if you’re struggling, and that’s why the lactation team at LWC is here to help!”

Thank you, Michelle and Dan, for trusting us with your care and for allowing us to share your inspiring story!

At Lifecycle WomanCare, our team approach to lactation support includes review and diagnosis by our midwives, as well as access to lab work and prescriptions. This means that we are able to bill most major insurance providers (including United Healthcare, Highmark, Keystone First, Aetna Better Health, and many others*), making our services accessible to far more people.

You can read more about our comprehensive lactation services here, or give us a call at 610.525.6086 to schedule an appointment.

*Please note that your visit may involve a copay or be applied to your deductible.