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July 30, 2020

Going Virtual: How Lifecycle WomanCare Educators are Adjusting to a COVID-19 World

Greetings from the LWC Education Department! 

As we often say in childbirth preparation classes, “birth is a fluid process”. 2020 has certainly proven its fluidity. We have had to heed our own advice as educators and ride the waves of the “labor” that is 2020.

On March 14th, with less than 24 hours’ notice, our phenomenal education team turned an extremely hands-on, in-person curriculum into an equally engaging virtual curriculum.

Since that time, our dedicated educators have continued to adjust their curriculums to better fit an online platform. Even our guest-facilitators have adjusted their content to make it Zoom accessible. We are so grateful for their efforts, and our clients have been just as appreciative.

The majority of our classes are open to the public. This means that no matter where someone chooses to give birth, they can access our comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes our belief in the innate human capacity of physiologic birth and avoidance of unnecessary interventions to improve the health and safety of birthing people and their babies.

In addition to our core prenatal classes (One-Day Childbirth PreparationFocus on BreastfeedingChildbirth Refresher, and The Fourth Trimester), we offer a variety of guest-facilitated classes that fall in line with our model of care as well, including:

Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting
Moving Through Labor
Core Restore
Gentle Sleep Solutions for Tired Families
Infant Massage

Classes fill up quickly and space is limited, so please register soon if you are interested! 

If you have a need or wish for a particular workshop or class, please contact our Programs Coordinator, Nikki Graham.