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July 23, 2020

“It was Magic!”: Robin’s Lifecycle WomanCare Birth Story

My story began during the last prenatal appointment I had at Lifecycle WomanCare.

It was a Wednesday.  I felt some early labor contractions (Braxton hicks) during the appointment and I knew that my daughter would make her debut in the next few days.

Thursday came around and I could feel her moving around and getting into position further and further down. I had contractions that evening about 8-10 minutes apart that kept me up; I think I had about 4 hours of rest that night.  My birth ball ended up being my lifesaver, I bounced on that thing for an eternity.

On Friday morning, I told my husband to call out of work because my contraction timer was clocking me at around 3-5 minutes apart. I labored at home, my husband and I walked around our neighborhood, up and down our driveway, I took a bath then called LWC and was told to come in! Yay!

We hopped in the car and off we went on our hour long car ride.  Cut to me getting checked at LWC and I’m only 1cm dilated. I seriously could not believe this! We went out to eat (Mexican) and walked around Target but I could only take a few steps before the contractions would happen and I had to breathe through them, hands on knees, bracing myself, and closing my eyes.

We left Target and headed back to LWC to find out I was still only 1 cm dilated.  I took my allergy medicine hoping it might help me sleep, and we headed home. An hour later, we were back home and at this point, I was at a loss.

I had not slept much and my contractions were consistently 3-5 minutes apart all day long.  I was in pain and tired but I did not want the cycle of going back and forth to continue forever so I tried to labor at home until I seriously could not take it anymore.

I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I ended up going to Bryn Mawr hospital where I had some more allergy medicine and a morphine sleep.  I slept 3-4 hours and in the morning, I was checked again and found out that I was at 2cm (GAH).

Guess what we did next? Yes, we went home AGAIN.

My husband, Kipp, was such a trooper driving to and from Bryn Mawr and never complaining. It was Saturday afternoon when we get home and I basically lived in my bathtub because it was the only relief I could get from the constant contractions.

I might not have been moving up in centimeters quickly, but things inside were definitely changing and gearing up for something incredible!

By 9pm, I was ready to have this child! We drove to LWC for the last time (THANK GOODNESS). That car ride was the worst ride of my life. I was focused on breathing through the pain and that was it. Kipp said he thought I was sleeping because I was so zen as I focused on my breathing with my eyes closed.

Once we were settled at LWC, I got checked and was at 5cm – yay, I could stay!!!

I lost my plug shortly after getting checked and received Stadol a little before midnight. I finally got 4 hours of much needed rest. When I woke up I knew – this was it.

I moved to the rocking chair and called for Sabrina and Jade. I got checked and was finally 10cm, plus my water broke. WAHOO!

I asked to go in the tub, and once in there I heard and felt the loudest pop of my life and involuntarily begin pushing. I got out of the tub and made my way to the bed again. During this time I could not control the pushing – it was just happening. I pushed for 30-45 minutes and at 4:46am, our baby girl arrived, weighing in at 7lb 6oz. It was magic!

Kipp cut the cord, the placenta was born (which, by the way, was seriously the biggest feeling of relief in my life, even more than the baby!), and we became a family of 3. I got stitched up, showered, and headed to bed with my husband our new baby!!!

There is so much more that came after this in the days that followed and so many details I cannot remember but it was seriously the most life changing experience. I did this incredible thing and I could not be any prouder of myself.