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March 2, 2021

LWC Book-It: Donate a Book to LWC, Win a Pizza Dinner on Us

Do you remember the Book-It program from elementary school and how exciting it was to earn a personal pizza for reading books?

It’s time to relive the excitement:

Introducing Lifecycle WomanCare’s Book-It Book Drive!

The lending library has been a tradition at LWC for many years, and is currently in need of an update.

You can help by donating a book from our “LWC Book-It Book Drive ” wish list. One lucky donor will be selected at random to receive a $50 Door Dash gift card so you can enjoy a pizza dinner (or dinner from another favorite restaurant) on us.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find our Wish List on Amazon: “LWC Book-It Book Drive“. Order a book (or two, or more) for our lending library before April 1. Books will be shipped directly to LWC.
  2. Alternately, browse the list below to see if you have a second-hand copy to donate (most recent editions only, please). Mail or drop off your book(s) to Lifecycle WomanCare, 918 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010.
  3.  Email to let us know which books you are donating.

That’s it!

The winner of the Door Dash gift card will be selected and notified the first week of April.

Any questions? Email

Our wish list includes the latest editions of the following books (those are bold are the titles we still need):

Pregnancy, labor, and birth:

  • Expecting Better by Emily Oster
  • Nurture by Erica Chidi
  • The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin
  • Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn by Penny Simkin
  • Birthing From Within by Pam England
  • Natural Hospital Birth by Cynthia Gabriel
  • Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent
  • Your Best Birth by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein
  • When Survivors Give Birth by Penny Simkin
  • Birth with Confidence by Rhea Dempsey
  • Babies Are Not Pizzas by Rebecca Dekker
  • What No One Tells You by Dr. Alexandra Sacks
  • The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger
  • The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer
  • The Doula Guide To Childbirth by Ananda Lowe
  • The Expectant Father by Armin Brott
  • Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies? by Jena Pincott
  • The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth by Genevieve Howland
  • Birth Without Fear by January Harshe
  • Mindful Birthing by Nancy Bardacke
  • Black, Pregnant and Loving It by Yvette Allen-Campbell
  • The Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy by Kimberly Seals-Allers
  • Like a Mother by Angela Garbes
  • Your Birth Plan by Megan Davidson
  • Birthing Justice by by Julia Oparah and Alicia Bonaparte
  • Why Did No One Tell Me This? by Natalia Hailes and Ash Spivak
  • The First Forty Days by Heng Ou


  • Cribsheet by Emily Oster
  • The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson
  • The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp
  • The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley
  • Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts by Karen Kleiman
  • The Fourth Trimester Companion by Cynthia Gabriel
  • Revolutionary Mothering by Alexis Pauline Gumbs


  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by Diane Weissinger
  • Breastfeeding Made Simple by Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Nancy Mohrbacher & Jack Newman
  • The Nursing Mother’s Companion by Kathleen Huggins
  • The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk by Diana West and Lisa Marasco
  • Lactivate! by Jill Krause
  • The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Dr. Jack Newman
  • The Black Woman’s Guide to Breastfeeding by Kathi Barber
  • Work. Pump. Repeat. by Jessica Shortall
  • Free to Breastfeed by Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka and Jeanine Valrie Logan
  • Melanoid Breastmilk by Ariane La’nea Randolph


  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
  • Yoga and Fertility by Jill Mahrlig Petigara E-RYT MA and Lynn Jensen E-RYT RPYT
  • It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett
  • The Trying Game by Emily Klein
  • Making Babies by Sammi S. David, MD and Jill Blakeway, Lac
  • Waiting for Daisy by Peggy Orenstein
  • The Underwear in my Shoe by Brett Russo, MBA
  • Conceivability by Elizabeth Katkin
  • IVF A Detailed Guide by Bianca Smith
  • IVF Success by Dr Raphael Kuhn
  • Frozen Hope by Jacqui Cooper
  • Not Pregnant by Cathie Quillet
  • Fertility Walk by Tamara Tobias
  • Pathways to Pregnancy by Mary Wong R.TCMP, R.Ac
  • Empowered Fertility by Claire Hall with Dr. Devora Lieberman
  • Cracked Open by Miriam Zoll
  • Planting the Seeds of Pregnancy by Lora Shahine, MD, FACOG and Stephanie Gianarelli, Lac

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

  • The Miscarriage Map by Sunita Osborn
  • Not Broken by Lora Shahine, MD, FACOG
  • What God Is Honored Here? Writings on Miscarriage and Infant Loss by and for Native Women and Women of Color by Shannon Gibney and Kao Kalia Yang
  • Eye of the Storm by Rachel McGrath
  • Finding the Rainbow by Rachel McGrath
  • Embracing the Storm by Rachel McGrath
  • Empty Arms by Sherokee Ilse
  • Empty Cradle, Broken Heart by Deborah Davis
  • An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken
  • Still by Stephanie Paige Cole
  • To Linger on Hot Coals by Stephanie Paige Cole


  • How We Do Family by Trystan Reese
  • Labor of Love by Thomas Beatie
  • Pregnant Butch by A.K. Summers
  • The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians by Rachel Pepper
  • Where’s the Mother by Trevor MacDonald
  • And Baby Makes More by Susan Goldberg
  • Queer + Pregnant: A Pregnancy Journal by Jenna Brown


  • The Menopause Solution by Stephanie Faubion
  • Dear Menopause, I Do Not Fear You! by Soma Mandal
  • A Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging by Viven Brown
  • Menopause Confidential by Tara Allen
  • The Little Book of Menoapuse by James R. Woods, Jr., MD and Elizabeth D. Warner, MD


  • Born Into This: A Creative Guide Through Reproductive health