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April 22, 2022

April Showers Bring Milestone Babies: Meet Lifecycle’s 14,000th Baby

When the birth suites get busy at Lifecycle, providers and staff affectionately refer to it as a “baby storm.”

Between Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd, 12 babies were born at The Birth Center at Lifecycle, which seems perfectly fitting as we ushered in the month known for its rain showers.

This particular baby storm also arrived just in time for the final countdown to the 14,000th birth at Lifecycle.

Lifecycle, previously known as The Birth Center (or TBC for short), was founded in 1978. The first baby was born in 1980. Thirty four years later in 2014, TBC celebrated the milestone of welcoming baby number 10,000.

Just eight years later, during this early April baby storm, it was anyone’s guess which laboring parent would be the one to give birth to the next milestone baby!

Baby 13,999 arrived late in the evening on April 1st. Just a few short hours later, in the wee hours of April 2nd, baby number 14,000 was here!

Elizabeth and Nathaniel welcomed baby Duncan in the Blue Room with support from Midwife Emily and Nurse Anna. To celebrate, the family received a basket of goodies sponsored by Lifecycle’s Board of Directors.

Welcome, Duncan, and all the babies who arrived during the baby storm!