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Education at Lifecycle

Prenatal Classes & Workshops

Lifecycle views ongoing health education and counseling as a critical element of high-quality care. We are proud to offer a variety of classes and workshops that are open to Lifecycle clients and the broader community.


“I am so thankful for the childbirth classes. They set the stage for me to have a peaceful birth experience.”

All first-time birth center clients attend our free, informational Seminar prior to their first prenatal visit, then a suite of prenatal classes designed to prepare them for labor, postpartum, and lactation.

We also offer a Childbirth Refresher class for clients having their second (or more!) baby and a variety of guest-facilitated workshops. All of our classes and workshops are open to everyone regardless of where they plan to give birth!

From Labor To Postpartum To Lactation, Our Classes Will Prepare You For Parenthood

From Labor To Postpartum To Lactation, Our Classes Will Prepare You For Parenthood

At Lifecycle, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are well-prepared and confident as you embark on this new chapter. Serving the Philadelphia region, our comprehensive prenatal classes and workshops are curated to offer a holistic understanding of pregnancy, labor, and early parenthood.

Whether you’re expecting for the first time or welcoming another member to your growing family, staying informed and equipped is crucial. With an ever-evolving body of knowledge in the realm of pregnancy and childbirth, it’s essential to get guidance from trusted sources.

Navigating the world of childbirth can seem overwhelming. From understanding labor’s nuances to postpartum care and lactation, there’s a lot to grasp. At Lifecycle, we break down these intricacies in our seminars and childbirth classes, ensuring that you approach your due date with knowledge and assurance. Soon-to-be parents in Philadelphia can rely on our expert-led classes to answer their queries and address any concerns.

Beyond traditional childbirth education, our classes delve deep into every facet of becoming a parent. Topics such as labor preparation, newborn care, and the crucial early days post-birth are comprehensively covered. For those looking to gain insights into breastfeeding, our lactation consultants in Philadelphia offer a wealth of expertise. Our mission? To make you feel not just prepared, but empowered for the journey ahead.

Why Count on Our Pregnancy Classes in Philadelphia?

Why Count on Our Pregnancy Classes in Philadelphia?

As an expectant parent in Philadelphia, it can be intimidating to choose the right pregnancy class. So why choose our pregnancy classes at Lifecycle? For one, our midwifery-based approach ensures you receive holistic prenatal education, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of childbirth. Our curriculum is meticulously designed, incorporating both time-tested wisdom and the latest research, ensuring you’re well-equipped for what’s to come.

Moreover, our commitment to nurturing a supportive community is unparalleled. Our classes aren’t just about imparting knowledge and building connections. Attending our pregnancy classes lets you join a network of parents and professionals in Philadelphia who share experiences, stories, and advice. As a community, we strive to uplift each other, ensuring every parent feels confident and supported.

Sign Up For Our Pregnancy Classes in The Greater Philadelphia Area Today!

Sign Up For Our Pregnancy Classes in The Greater Philadelphia Area Today!

Every pregnancy is unique, but the need for comprehensive knowledge remains universal. Lifecycle classes serve as your roadmap, guiding you through each stage of pregnancy and beyond. Whether it’s mastering labor preparation techniques, understanding newborn care, or diving deep into lactation, we’ve got a class tailored to your needs.

Philadelphia residents, the journey to parenthood is both challenging and rewarding. With our classes by your side, you’ll find a partner to guide, support, and cheer for you every step of the way. Don’t embark on this life-changing experience without the best resources at your disposal. Sign up for our pregnancy classes today, and set the stage for a confident and informed parenthood.

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