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Moving Through Labor: Pelvic Dynamics and Optimal Baby Positioning

Join Brittany Sharpe McCollum of Blossoming Bellies Birth for Moving Through Labor (MTL)!

This virtual workshop for expectant parents covers:

  • Pelvic dynamics
  • Creating space in the pelvis
  • Position of the baby and its impact on labor
  • Understanding baby’s presentation, position, and attitude (head flexion)
  • Movements and techniques for preventing position related labor complications


This workshop is great for first time parents, parents planning for a VBAC, and parents wishing for a smoother labor the second (or more!) time around.


MTL is a modified version of Brittany’s widely acclaimed workshop, Creating Space, for birth professionals. She has tailored it to meet the needs of expectant parents.

Babies getting “stuck” in the pelvis is one of the most common reasons for cesareans, and can greatly affect the comfort a person is able to achieve in labor. Come learn more about preventing this complication and minimizing the risk of a cesarean due to malpositioning of the baby.

Please note that this workshop is not a childbirth preparation class. It is not intended to take the place of a childbirth preparation class. It is designed specifically for focusing on complications that can arise due to malpositioning of the baby.


Advanced, online registration is required.

MTL is open to everyone! Join us! 

Upcoming 2024 Moving Through Labor Class Dates and Registration Links:

(All classes are virtual and run from 6-8:30pm)

February 15th
May 14th
August 6th
November 14th


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Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made less than two weeks prior to the workshop date will not be refunded unless a medical reason exists.

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