Let the Celebration Continue!

14 Nov Let the Celebration Continue!

The Birth Center

With our 40th Anniversary Celebration in the rearview, and 2019 coming to a close, our 40th anniversary festivities are finished… or are they? Most anniversaries have one definitive year. At LWC, we have the unique opportunity to claim three anniversary years:

1978: The Birth Center was incorporated.
1979: 918 County Line was zoned and approved as a free-standing birth center.
1980: Our first baby was born!

So, in case you’ve wondered why it seems like we’ve been celebrating this anniversary for more than a year, it’s because we absolutely have been!

And, we intend to keep celebrating in 2020. To honor the 40th anniversary of our first birth, we will be hosting a family picnic next summer.

Currently, we’re looking for volunteers to join our 40th Anniversary Committee and help with the planning efforts. Meetings will take place at 7:00pm at Lifecycle WomanCare on the last Wednesday of the month starting in the New Year.

If you’re interested in joining our team and helping us celebrate LWC, please email bwelding@lifecyclewomancare.org.

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