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Support for Your Body Feeding Journey

Lactation Services

Lactation support at Lifecycle begins with the first prenatal appointment and continues throughout pregnancy and during postpartum care. We take great pride in helping new parents with breastfeeding/chestfeeding, especially given the well-established medical benefits of human milk.

“I was encouraged by my lactation consultant. She gave me options and support and celebrated my journey with me. ”

Individual Lactation Services
We provide expertise and support to new parents for many lactation issues, including excess or low milk supply, latch issues, and pumping issues. In-person and telehealth options are available for lactation consultations. Services are available to any family, regardless of where they had their pregnancy care.

Call us today at 610.525.6086 to schedule an appointment with one of our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs).
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Prenatal Lactation Education

Our Lactation Essentials class provides detailed information about lactation, including benefits to parent and baby, anatomy and physiology of the lactating breast/chest, composition of human milk, positioning and latch, pumping and storing milk, common setbacks, and more!
Lactation Essentials Dates

Lactation Support Groups

breastfeeding classes philadelphiaOur Lactation Support Groups provide lactating parents a forum to discuss the joys and challenges of breastfeeding/chestfeeding a baby. Participants provide and receive encouragement and inspiration as they share, ask questions, solicit advice, and offer suggestions. Our lactation professionals are on hand to provide support and guidance.
Upcoming Support Groups

Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank Depot & Dispensary 

In August 2018, we began accepting human milk donations through our Mid-Atlantic Mothers Milk Bank (MMAMB) Depot. The lifesaving milk that is donated via our depot goes to help medically vulnerable infants. If you have milk to share and are interested in becoming a donor, visit MAMMB’s website and click on “DONATE MILK.”

In addition to being a MAMMB Depot, we are also a MAMMB Dispensary. We are able to distribute a limited amount of frozen Pasteurized Donor Human Milk to families in need. In order to receive milk, you must first place an order through MAMMB. Once your transaction is complete and your order has been processed, please contact to schedule a pickup time.



Do you accept insurance for Lactation Consultations?

Yes! We accept most major insurance providers, including:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Great West/One Health
  • Medical Assistance of PA – Keystone First ONLY
  • Meritain Health
  • Independence Plans
  • PHCS – Private Healthcare System Network
  • Oxford
  • United Healthcare

Co-pays may apply. If you have specific questions about what your insurance covers, call us at 610.525.6086 or reach out to your insurance plan’s member services department.

Do I need to register for the Lactation Support Groups?

There is no need to register ahead of time. To join us virtually, email Nikki at for the Zoom login info.

Do you diagnose tongue and lip ties?

All of our IBCLCs are trained to assess for tongue and lip ties, and will provide evidence-based information and support to families, helping them understand how this will impact their infant feeding goals.

Do you do in-home lactation consultations?

No, but we offer telehealth as an option when indicated. Most of the time, it is better for our team of IBCLCs to see clients and their babies in the office so a complete assessment that includes weighing the baby, assessing latch and transfer of milk, and examination of baby’s oral cavity can take place.

How our lactation consultants can help you

How Our Lactation Consultants Can Help You

Lactation consultants play an integral role in the early stages of a baby’s life. Our experts in Philadelphia are trained to provide evidence-based practices that ensure successful breastfeeding and chestfeeding outcomes. They guide parents through various techniques, helping them find what’s most comfortable and effective for both baby and parent. And, for parents interested in enhancing their knowledge, we offer lactation classes tailored to their unique needs.

It’s not uncommon for parents to face challenges or concerns related to lactation. Our lactation consultants provide targeted solutions, from addressing latch difficulties to managing milk supply. With their vast experience, they provide actionable strategies to tackle common and not-so-common breastfeeding and chestfeeding challenges. Furthermore, for parents who want a deeper understanding, our breastfeeding classes in Philadelphia provide invaluable insights into the nuances of feeding.

At LifeCycle, our lactation consultants are well-versed in guiding these scenarios. From teaching effective pumping techniques to offering solutions for milk storage, we ensure that patients can seamlessly integrate lactation into their daily routines. And for those moments when the journey feels overwhelming, our lactation support and breastfeeding classes offer a beacon of hope and guidance.

The top reasons to seek lactation assistance

The Top Reasons To Seek Lactation Assistance

Every lactation journey is unique, and there are myriad reasons why a parent might seek lactation assistance. For some, the challenge lies in mastering lactation techniques, ensuring a comfortable latch, and addressing any pain or discomfort. For others, it’s about understanding their baby’s feeding schedule rhythms and ensuring they receive adequate nutrition.

Whether it’s managing an oversupply or undersupply of milk, dealing with infections like mastitis, or understanding the intricacies of chestfeeding, our lactation consultant services provide solutions. The knowledge and support provided by our consultants often act as the linchpin, turning potential hurdles into surmountable challenges.

What lactation services do you offer?

What Lactation Services Do You Offer?

  • Expert guidance: Our consultants offer unrivaled expertise, making breastfeeding a more intuitive and comfortable experience.
  • Assessing breastfeeding techniques: We help clients find the most effective and pain-free ways to nurse their babies.
  • Addressing feeding concerns: From latch issues to milk supply, we address all your breastfeeding challenges.
  • Providing education: Our breastfeeding education goes beyond the basics, delving deep into the science and art of feeding.
  • Assistance with pumping and milk storage: We guide parents in safely and effectively storing their precious milk for future use.
  • Support in challenging situations: Whether it’s returning to work or managing twins, we provide targeted lactation support.
  • Breastfeeding information for special circumstances: Including chestfeeding, we provide information tailored to every unique situation.
  • Postpartum support: Beyond breastfeeding, we offer comprehensive lactation support groups to address all postpartum needs.

Reach out to our expert team today to explore how we can assist you.

Offering Lactation Consulting & Support For Clients in The Greater Philadelphia Area

At Lifecycle, we understand the profound bond that breastfeeding creates between a parent and baby. Our lactation consultants provide the knowledge, guidance, and emotional support that our clients need during this transformative phase of life.

Philadelphia parents can always benefit from professional support when embarking on their lactation journey. This is where our lactation consultant team shines, offering personalized assistance to ensure both client and baby receive the optimum benefits of breastfeeding. Coupled with our comprehensive pregnancy classes near Philadelphia, we equip patients with the tools they need for successful breastfeeding experiences.

Beyond breastfeeding and chestfeeding support, we believe in building a community of empowered parents in Philadelphia. By fostering an environment of understanding, respect, and guidance, we aim to ensure that each client feels heard, validated, and supported. With our lactation consultant services, clients find an anchor during the sometimes tumultuous waters of early parenthood.

“The reassurance and guidance through delivery was exactly what I needed to feel empowered and capable.”
“We felt welcomed and at peace. Thank you for providing a safe space for us. ”
“The super midwives at Lifecycle are nothing short of miracle workers. They are the true MVPs!”
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