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About Us

MIssion, Vision and Value Statements


Lifecycle is an independent non-profit organization and free-standing, out-of-hospital birth center. Our team of midwives and nurse-practitioners provide empowering gynecology and birth-oriented health care to clients in a trusting and caring environment. Lifecycle advocates for and educates about the midwifery model of care.



Lifecycle envisions the midwifery model of care becoming the standard practice across the world when it comes to reproductive healthcare. We believe that it is our responsibility to challenge the system at its core, and serve as a model for how to achieve better birth and reproductive health outcomes through a deeper partnership with our clients.


Value Statements

  • We believe that lifecycle events– such as puberty, birth, and menopause are normal, healthy transitions that are best supported by education and evidence-based midwifery care.
  • We believe that physiologic birth is a unique, individual and natural process.
  • We believe that the best care has, at its center, a trusted partnership between a client and their provider, which empowers, educates, and enables clients to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves.
  • We believe in a full range of choices for clients giving birth.
  • We believe that excellent care is provided by a non-profit, financially secure organization that values its employees and meets their individual needs in order to retain high-quality individuals.
  • We believe that a work-place functions best when it is a caring community.
  • We advocate for reproductive justice.
  • We advocate for the midwifery profession.
  • We provide education for the next generation of health care providers, administrators, and anyone seeking to learn more about the midwifery model of care.


Approved by the Board of Directors April 2020