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Emily Green, CNM


Emily joined Lifecycle as a Midwifery Fellow in the fall of 2017 and was hired back as full-time midwife a year later.

Raised in Ontario, Emily attended the University of Ottawa and earned her BS in Nursing in 2004. She worked at Ottawa Hospital in OB/GYN inpatient and orthopedics. She continued to develop her broad nursing experience after moving to Miami, serving as an inpatient nurse at Mercy Hospital and specializing in telemetry, diabetes, and nephrology.

Even prior to college, Emily felt drawn to midwifery. She served as a birth companion at Mothercraft, a program for young mothers lacking support. After becoming a nurse, she was frustrated with the nurse-to-patient ratios and she was affectionately dubbed “the bedside nurse”.

Emily gave birth to her daughters in Canada with the assistance of midwives and, after moving to Philadelphia in 2008, she enrolled in Penn’s part-time midwifery program. She earned her dual certification in midwifery and as a women’s health nurse practitioner.

She is excited to be part of a movement to change the perception of birth from an illness requiring hospitalizations to a normal (albeit transformative) part of life that benefits from guidance and safety measures.

Emily, her husband, and two daughters enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, camping, reading, and playing board games.