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Executive Director

Kate McHugh


Kate has been at the helm as the Executive Director since December 2019. Her roots run deep at Lifecycle. Kate served as a Staff Midwife during the early days of the Birth Center, and later as a board member and volunteer.

In addition to being a practicing midwife, Kate taught graduate midwifery and nursing students for many years at various universities. Her career has included working on many legislative and advocacy efforts for midwifery as a profession and midwifery care in general. She has extensive experience working as a consultant in other countries focusing on issues around maternal or newborn mortality.

One of things she appreciates about working at Lifecycle is the team’s commitment to “constantly looking at what we do with a readiness to innovate when needed.”

Outside of work, Kate spends a lot of time with her family and loves to travel. She is looking towards many travel opportunities on the horizon in the post-pandemic world.