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Communications and Marketing Associate

Kim Paiz Sfirri, MPA


Kim joined the Lifecycle team in 2022.  Her passion for reproductive health began at New York University where she received her Masters degree in Public Administration. She turned every assignment into an opportunity to learn more about the national and global challenges affecting reproductive justice.

Prior to joining the Lifecycle team, Kim worked for the City of New York and a few tech startups before realizing that she could align her career with her passion. After learning more about the holistic approach of midwifery, she joyfully accepted the opportunity to work alongside the Director of Programs and Community Engagement at Lifecycle as a Communications Associate, helping clients and prospective parents learn all about the amazing resources they have access to at The Birth Center.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys biking, rewatching Lord of the Rings, and dabbling in other joyous endeavors like painting, cooking, and gardening. She, her husband, and their dog, Pippa, enjoy lazy weekends and time with family.