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Lori Vogt, CNM


Lori (she/her) joined Lifecycle in 2022. She began working with Lifecycle as a midwifery fellow and now practices as a staff midwife. Previously, she worked as a CNM in a hospital-based practice. She also worked as an RN at Phoenixville Hospital.

Lori came to midwifery after receiving her BA in English from Duke University.

She has always loved babies, helping people, and novels with strong protagonists. She never considered nursing because she wasn’t “a science person.” Then a dear friend became pregnant and encouraged Lori to train as a doula.

The doula training felt like “The Red Tent.” People’s birth stories spilled out, hungry to be heard. Leadership was communal, honoring each person’s expertise in their own story. Every one played the role of healer and of patient. Lori realized she wanted to be a part of more communities like this. Lifecycle is certainly one of them.

After teaching and volunteering as a doula, Lori went back to school for nursing and received her MSN in Midwifery from the University of Pennsylvania. She sees strong protagonists everywhere in healthcare and in birth and now believes that everyone is “a science person.”