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Director of Programs and Community Engagement

Nikki Graham, CMT, CLE, C-FSD (BADT)


Nikki joined the Lifecycle team in 2012. Currently, she serves as our Director of Programs and Community Engagement.

Before coming to Lifecycle, Nikki supported families as a birth doula, lactation counselor/educator, and childbirth educator. She is also a Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator.

“My inspiration to shift my focus from massage therapy and health educator to lactation counselor/educator, doula, and childbirth educator came with the birth of my first child and my own need for support. The shockingly overwhelming stress, anxiety, and isolation I felt as a new parent made it evidently clear that there was not near enough support for new parents and parents-to-be. My early parenting experience was what galvanized me to change that.”

Her favorite part about working at Lifecycle is facilitating lactation and new parent support groups. Equally important to her is the love, support, and care she personally receives at Lifecycle. As she says, “we’re a family, and that means everything.”

Outside of work, you will most likely find Nikki creating meals in her kitchen (feeding people delectable food is her love language), training at her Krav Maga/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school, or hiking in the woods. Nikki has four children, all caught by midwives, the youngest of whom was born in the Blue Room at The Birth Center at Lifecyle in 2006.