The LWC Difference

Everything at Lifecycle WomanCare goes back to our founding philosophy that the relationships developed between women and their providers are an essential part of delivering exceptional health outcomes. Our team of providers believes passionately in the intrinsic value of relationship-based healthcare. Experience has shown us that women benefit most in every stage of their lives—from adolescence to menopause and beyond—when they are supported and invited to play an active role in making decisions about their care. We are dedicated to advancing this model of healthcare for all women, not just our clients.

“Having delivered twice at The Birth Center at LWC, I couldn’t be happier with my experiences. I felt so cared for and safe there. Welcoming, comforting, trustworthy—the combination of the homey feel I wanted with professional, experienced midwives and nurses let me relax, knowing I was in good hands. The midwives, always there when we needed them, also seemed to know just when to give us space. When pushing became difficult during my second birth, the midwife quickly assessed the situation and helped me get things back on track. I can’t imagine birthing anywhere else.” 
Megan H.

Exceptional Outcomes


We embrace our philosophy and model of care because it works. The evidence is clear, from the dramatic reduction in caesarian and episiotomy rates for women who give birth in birth centers to the well-documented health benefits of immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding for infants. These types of evidence-based outcomes are what drive us not only in the care we provide around labor and birth, but indeed throughout the well-woman care we offer our clients from adolescence through menopause and beyond.



Education is a core part of LWC’s model of care. We are committed to providing ongoing education and counseling for our clients to empower them to play an active role in their own healthcare and help achieve optimal health outcomes. We also serve as a teaching site for midwifery and nursing students, as well as medical residents, from local universities and other health professional programs.

Community and Connectedness


Over the years, many women have come to extol the feeling of community and connectedness that LWC engenders. Our classes, groups, social media forums, and other community-building activities have long encouraged women to remain connected to the LWC even after they have moved beyond the birth years that first brought many of them to us.



Recognizing the extraordinarily busy lives women lead, LWC offers convenient locations in Delaware and Philadelphia counties and flexible daytime, evening, and Saturday hours.

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