Classes and Education

Because Lifecycle WomanCare views ongoing health education and counseling as a critical element of high-quality care, we are proud to offer classes, workshops, and seminars to the women we serve. We believe passionately that women are in the best control of their own health only when they have access to the best education and information—and that every woman deserves such access.

“I had an amazing experience at LWC! The prenatal care and classes presented pregnancy, labor, and delivery as such a natural process that, even though it was my first, I felt confident and informed instead of afraid and uncertain. I still can’t believe I exclusively breastfed my baby. I’m still nursing her to this day, and she is 21 months old!”
Brianna R.



LWC offers informative and empowering classes on childbirth preparation, breastfeeding preparation, and birth preparation for siblings. We also provide a “First Days at Home” class for expectant parents prior to the baby’s arrival so they are prepared for the early discharge practice LWC is able to offer as a birth center.


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LWC offers comprehensive, compelling educational seminars, programs, and services, including ongoing support and counseling for clients. Our free Introduction to Birth Center Care seminar, for example, presents factual information about cesarean and episiotomy rates in this country and preventive measures that can help reduce them. A requirement for prospective LWC clients, this seminar is useful for every pregnant woman regardless of where she plans to have her baby.


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