Menopausal Care

As part of our commitment to providing trusted, relationship-based wellness care to women throughout their lifetimes, Lifecycle WomanCare cares for and supports women who are experiencing perimenopause and menopause or who have entered their post-menopausal years. As with all of our services, our menopausal care is designed to establish partnerships between women and providers that empower, educate, and equip our clients to make decisions for themselves that result in the best health outcomes.

“I searched for well-woman care that would treat me as a “whole woman, and discovered LWC and their midwifery model of care.  At LWC, my provider not only gives me a “checkup”, but instructs me in how to “checkup” on myself. She asks me not just about my activities of daily life, but also coaches me in how to identify and overcome pitfalls. She welcomes my partner, if I choose to include him, but also respects my confidentiality and choices. LWC continues to meet or exceed the high health care standards that I have at this stage of my life.” 

Eunice L.

Perimenopausal, Menopausal, and Post-Menopausal Care


LWC offers comprehensive care and support to women entering and in their peri-menopausal through post-menopausal years. Perimenopause, the period in which a woman’s body begins its transition into menopause, includes a range of hormonal shifts during which women may experience many stressful physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms, which may be different for each woman.   Symptoms may include irregular periods, hot flashes, mood changes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, fatigue, and changes in sex drive.


When a year has passed since a woman’s last period, she is said to have reached menopause. In the United States, the median age at which menopause occurs is 52 years, although it can vary between 40 and 58 years of age.[1] In the years that follow, known as post-menopause, the ovaries produce much less estrogen and minimal progesterone and no longer release eggs.


A trusted relationship between a woman and her provider is perhaps never more important than it is in these stages of a woman’s life, when personalized care, holistic approaches, and attention to detail are critical to taking care of the whole client, and making sure all your needs are being met. Our team never spends less than 30 minutes with clients at each appointment, and listens closely to gain a true understanding of what clients are experiencing. LWC’s providers are trained to provide routine exams, relieve symptoms, and treat conditions related to perimenopause through post-menopause.


We work collaboratively and holistically with women to help you understand what you are experiencing, take preventive health care measures including a range of therapies and options, and make healthy lifestyle choices. Our approach also helps clients take an active role in your own wellness care, through health education, alternative therapies, and nutritional counseling programs.

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