Pennsylvania’s First Licensed Birth Center, Lifecycle WomanCare – Turns 40

The Bryn Mawr Center is One of the Oldest Continually Operating Birth Centers in the U.S. and Pennsylvania’s First Licensed Birth Center


Bryn Mawr, PA  (January 5, 2020) – Incorporated in August 1978, Lifecycle WomanCare (LWC)–formerly The Birth Center–welcomed its first baby in February 1980. As it celebrates its 40th birthday, LWC expects to welcome its 13,000th baby, a sign of the increased interest in midwifery in the U.S.


During its first 15 years in practice, LWC caught 2,000 babies. Its birth rate has skyrocketed in recent years with baby 10,000 born in 2014 and baby 12,000 born last year. This trend is echoed across the country. In the U.S., births attended by midwives tripled between 1998 and 2013.


With 550 births a year—a 70+% rise in the last 15 years–LWC still counts every baby born as it fulfills its mission to advance women’s healthcare by building trusting, respectful, compassionate partnerships with clients.


“The emphasis on collaboration and community is what makes Lifecycle WomanCare stand out,” explains LWC clinical director Julie Cristol, CNM. “We serve a diverse community of families who are seeking personalized healthcare and want to participate in decisions about care. Our appointments are long enough to provide ample time for considering all concerns and really listening to a person’s priorities. We believe this model gives the best, most satisfying outcomes.


People can be surprised to learn that midwifery care is about more than birth; from its inception, LWC’s clinical mission has included providing care to women throughout their lives.


To some long time clients, LWC will always be “The Birth Center”; however, the organization began doing business under “Lifecycle WomanCare” in 2015 to better reflect its belief that women deserve access to this model of compassionate, high-quality care from adolescence through menopause.


“Both LWC’s clinical practice and our education courses are focused on the best interest of our clients and remain firmly rooted in evidence-based best practices. We have a responsibility to empower and enable our clients and our staff and that’s what sustains our excellent reputation for holistic care.” says Caryn Rivers, president of LWC’s board of directors.


About LWC

Lifecycle WomanCare (formerly The Birth Center) was incorporated as a 501(c)3 charitable healthcare organization in 1978 in response to a community need for more personal and family-centered care at childbirth. In 2015, it changed its name to Lifecycle WomanCare (LWC) to better reflect the full scope of the care provided to women across their life spans. Today LWC delivers about 550 babies a year and supports about 3,000 clients each year.

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