The Birth Center Welcomes Our 10,000th Baby!


10000BRYN MAWR, PENNSYLVANIA – In an exciting twist of events, The Birth Center is proud to announce that two babies born close in time this morning, December 3, 2014, are being honored as our 10,000th babies! One of these families is available at The Birth Center today: We are happy to introduce baby Vera Grace, born to Frances and Matthew Brodsky of Elkins Park, PA.


One of TBC’s 10,000th babies, Vera Grace, and her parents, Matthew and Frances Brodsky


“We are honored to have had all three of our children here at The Birth Center, and especially privileged to be part of the 10,000th baby celebration. We believe that it is important that TBC exists. It is a place that gives women a choice in their healthcare, and that’s why we come here: for the choice, security, and ability to make informed decisions on what is best for our family.”


– Frances & Matthew Brodsky


The birth of the 10,000th babies is a remarkable milestone for birth centers both in the Philadelphia region and across the country. With a national trend of expectant parents seeking to give birth in family-centered, free-standing facilities[1], The Birth Center (TBC) in Bryn Mawr has been leading the way both in terms of volume and clinical expertise.


Founded in 1978, TBC is the first licensed birth center in Pennsylvania and one of the oldest continually operating birth centers in the United States. TBC seeks to transform women’s experience with and expectations for their healthcare, by modeling personalized, empowering care that strengthens each woman’s capacity to be an active participant in her healthcare decision-making. TBC’s team of certified nurse-midwives (CNMs), nurse-practitioners (NPs) and registered nurses (RNs) have been delivering this model of care to our clients and families for 36 years.


“We are incredibly thankful for our first 10,000 babies and the 36 years of wonderful relationships we have built with TBC families and the community,” said Kathryn Boockvar, Executive Director of The Birth Center. “This rare and momentous milestone is a testament to the trust our families place in TBC’s highly trained, licensed, and experienced midwives and nurses, who have been providing a unique model of personal and empowering health and birth care to women and families for 3 decades.”


Nestled in the Philadelphia suburbs, The Birth Center serves women and families from all over the Philadelphia region, the surrounding 5 county area, and beyond. The center’s distinguishing external feature is the “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” flags that hang daily over County Line Road, announcing the most recent births. The Birth Center has become the “go-to” hub for any family looking for a natural birthing experience in the greater Philadelphia Region.


Samantha Robinson, whose three babies were born at TBC, had this to describe her experiences “I feel incredibly lucky that The Birth Center is in the Philly area – not everyone lives near a center that offers such amazing, one-on-one care. I never felt scared or uninformed about my pregnancies – TBC staff helped me feel confident in what was happening to my body. I’ve had 3 Birth Center babies – each experience completely different, but completely wonderful each time!”


Demand for TBC’s programs and services in the Philadelphia region have increased twofold in the past decade: our 6,000th baby was celebrated in 2007, and now, a mere seven years later, we’re welcoming our 10,000th. In the last 10 years, we have expanded from approximately 350 births per year to 550 births in 2014 alone.


Additionally, many women extol the feeling of community and connectedness that TBC engenders. Krystal Cunillera of East Falls who delivered her baby at The Birth Center last year, said this: “There is so much to say about The Birth Center. I chose it because I knew the approach to care that the Midwives provide – compassionate, personal – was how I wanted to bring my baby into the world. Now, some of my closest friends are through the TBC community. Having a network of like-minded women to lean on as we learn about parenting is invaluable. I’m honored to say that I’m a Birth Center client.”


While TBC is well-known and regarded for its maternity and breastfeeding care and services, many people do not realize that our services expand well beyond that, into well-woman care throughout the lifecycle. Over the next decade, TBC seeks to expand greater access to our model of care, including more grants to those who are uninsured or underinsured, expanding breast-feeding services and support groups to all new mothers and families, and building a stronger voice – in government and in the community – on behalf of the healthcare needs of all women and families.


“We look forward to expanding our impact even further over the next decade, by providing our caring, holistic, and personalized care to women from 13 to 103, from adolescence to menopause and beyond,” said Boockvar.


Today, The Birth Center proudly celebrates its 10,000th births, and looks forward to serving the next 10,000 TBC clients and their babies!


[1]Vitez, Michael. “Call the midwife: Ruth Wilf has been helping babies and mothers for over 50 years.” The Philadelphia Inquirer, 9 November 2014

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