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Lifecycle WomanCare features a professional team of Certified Nurse-Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, and Registered Nurses, all of whom are passionate about providing a midwifery model of women’s healthcare that is safe, evidence-based, satisfying, and personal. Believing that the best health outcomes result when women are supported and involved in making decisions about their care, we seek as providers to develop lasting relationships with the women we serve.


We view these relationships and the trust and openness they engender as crucial to providing exemplary healthcare through every stage of a woman’s life.

Nurses, Lactation Specialists, and Childbirth Educators

Christina Duff | Childbirth Educator and Seminar Leader

LWC Birthday: 2006


LWC Overview: Christina joined LWC (then The Birth Center) in 2006 as a Childbirth Educator and Seminar Leader. She is responsible for providing informational sessions to expectant couples to help them prepare for labor and birth through the use of practical information and hands-on exercises.


Moment of Pride: Christina takes great joy in sharing so many “birthday” celebrations.


Fun Fact: Not one to rest on her laurels, Christina is also the co-owner of Well Born Baby and she is a Doula, a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, and has her DONA certification.   Christina loves eating out with friends or hosting dinner at her house so her guests can enjoy her wicked guacamole and margaritas.

Kathryn (Katy) Feniello, BSN, BA, RA | Staff Nurse

LWC Birthday: 2016


LWC Overview: Katy is a staff nurse in The Birth Center at Lifecycle Woman Care, providing labor, delivery, and postpartum care and breastfeeding support for birthing clients, and doing home visits in the first few days postpartum. You may also see her around the office supporting visits with NSTs, blood draws, vital signs, and the occasional tour.


Moment of Pride: Holding space for women to birth in strength, dignity, and safety is an honor and a privilege, every single time. And doing this wild work with long-time friends has been a particular joy.


Fun Fact: Katy maintains a Red Tent Temple and hosts women’s circles and healing circles in her West Philadelphia home. She also enjoys just about every kind of dance, including hula hooping, occasionally with fire.

Nikki Graham | Education Coordinator & Childbirth Educator

LWC Birthday: 2013


LWC Overview: Nikki is our “education guru” – she oversees the content & coordination of our educational courses and programs, along with her management duties, she also teaches the four-week childbirth prep series as well as the all-day Saturday childbirth prep classes.


Moment of Pride: While Nikki has extensive birth room experience in various environments, her favorite place of all to attend births as a doula is at The Birth Center at LWC. Her first birth as a doula at LWC was in 2009, after which she was thrilled to continue to support the same family through two more LWC births.


Fun Fact: When not schlepping her four kids around, Nikki likes to hike, read, do yoga, cook, or listen to music and podcasts. Her fourth child was born in 2006 at The Birth Center at LWC, while her first three children were born in California.

Megan King, RN, BSN | Staff Nurse

LWC Birthday: 2011


LWC Overview: Megan helps LWC clients by offering labor support, birth and post-partum care, and she also is a wonderful educator and teaches our childbirth orientation Seminar, which is a required course for prospective birth center clients, and the First Days at Home class, preparing expecting parents with guidance on how to care for baby and mother after they return home from The Birth Center.


Moment of Pride: Being a part of the breathtaking moment when a family happens—when the mother receives her brand new baby to her chest and a whole new life for the family begins. There aren’t words for this moment and we get to bear witness to it. It’s an incredible honor every time.


Fun Fact: Feeding people from her kitchen feeds her soul.

Amy MacNelly, RN, BA, MSN | Staff Nurse

1W4A0791m1_Amy MacNellyLWC Birthday: 2009


LWC Overview: Amy assists with births and postpartum care, while also conducting home visits, serving as office nurse, and handling non-urgent calls.


Fun Fact: Amy’s training led her through the Boston area where she attended Wellesley College and Northeastern University, before traveling west to receive her MS at University of Michigan.

Suzanne (Suzy) McCollum, RN, BSN | Staff Nurse

LWC Birthday: 2009


LWC Overview: Suzy provides support during labor, assists midwives with births, offers postpartum care for mothers and babies, and teaches parents how to care for their babies during their first few days at home. She also does home visits one to three days after mom and baby go home to assist with breastfeeding and to check mom and baby’s vitals.


Moment of Pride: Suzy had her first-born child at The Birth Center at LWC in 2012, followed by her second in 2013, and her third in April 2015. Being a client of LWC herself, as well as a nurse, Suzy sees the LWC experience from both sides and is grateful for the intimate connection and understanding it creates between her and her clients.

Michaela McDonald | Childbirth Educator

LWC Birthday: 2015


LWC Overview: Michaela works as a Childbirth Educator and Sibling Class facilitator. She feels especially privileged to process lifecycle transitions with LWC clients as they anticipate the birth of a new family member.


Moment of Pride: In June 2016 Michaela caught her son, Rory, as he emerged to a watery earth side in their home. Birth attendants included big sister, Vivi, which elevated it to a peak personal and familial experience.


Fun Fact: Michaela enjoys reading, walking and playing outside with her family!

Cecelia Osowski | Childbirth Educator

LWC Birthday: 2016


LWC Overview: Cecelia helps first time parents learn about and prepare for birth in the childbirth preparation classes.


Moment of Pride: As a Birth & Postpartum doula, serving  birth center clients is always a special experience, and I have a lot of fun teaching the childbirth prep classes. The first time I got to be the doula for a couple from one of my classes I was in awe the whole time at seeing everything come together so beautifully!


Fun Fact: Cecelia was a Peace and Conflict Studies major in college, she plays the cello, and she has her motorcycle license.

Jill Pinover, RN, BSN, MSN | Staff Nurse

LWC Birthday: 2003


LWC Overview: At LWC, Jill uses her decades of nursing experience caring for laboring women, assisting CNM with births, providing immediate newborn care, and performing postpartum care and home visits.


Fun Fact: Jill enjoys yoga, running, hiking in the woods with her dog, volunteering as a reading tutor, and spending time with her three children.

Patty Siegrist, RN, IBCLC | Lactation Consultant, Educator, Group Facilitator

LWC Birthday: 1993


LWC Overview: Patty teaches breastfeeding and supplemental classes and sees clients for lactation consultations.


Moment of Pride: Passionate about her calling, Patty has started three breastfeeding support groups for LWC, located in West Philadelphia and Rosemont. She also spends time speaking to high school and college classes about LWC and the benefits of breastfeeding.


Fun Fact: Patty makes paper! She also enjoys reading, crocheting, photography, and spending time with her granddaughter and grandson.

Allison St. John, RN, BSN | Staff Nurse

LWC Birthday: 2014


LWC Overview: As an RN, Allison’s duties at LWC are vast. She provides labor monitoring and support, postpartum care for mom and baby, performs home visits, and executes many vital medical tests such as NSTs, blood draws, and blood pressure checks.


Moment of Pride: Being a part of bringing a new life into the world is a true honor for Allison. She recognizes what an important time this is for every family and considers each birth she attends a privilege to share.


Fun Fact: Allison has a true artistic side – she plays the piano, loves to dance, and “saves” discarded wood furniture by repainting it. When it’s finally time for Allison to sit down, you’ll often find her snuggled with her giant dog, Atlas.

Photo credit for staff pictures: David Harwi. 

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