Midwifery for All

At Lifecycle WomanCare, we are committed to providing comprehensive, long-term gynecological, pregnancy, and birth-related care to all who seek it.


Founded on the idea that all people deserve and benefit from personalized, relationship-based care, our organization strives to create an inclusive practice that provides this model of care for all clients.


We are committed to providing quality care to all clients regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, or family structure.

Midwifery for All


Gender Identity

At LWC we welcome clients of all gender identities. Recognizing that people of various gender identities require gynecological, birth-related and chest/breastfeeding care, we have taken, and continue to take, steps towards ensuring we provide respectful, gender-inclusive care.


At our practice we uphold all patients’ preferred name(s) and gender pronouns.


Family Structure

We also welcome families of various structures, including but not limited to single parents, LGBTQIA+ identified partners, polyamorous families, and inter-generational families.


Support & Services

While we do not provide hormone therapy (HRT) or other transition-related medical care at LWC, we can assist trans identified clients in seeking out those services.


To learn more about our culture of care and spectrum of services, we welcome you to Make an Appointment with us or, for birth care, register to attend our free Childbirth Orientation Seminar.

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