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July 17, 2020

Welcoming Aidan: A Lifecycle WomanCare Birth Story

It was almost a year ago, Monday July 22nd. I had been having stronger contractions for the last 10 days and was 5 days past my due date.

This was our first so as you might imagine, we were constantly having false alarms. Up half the night timing contractions only to have them stop at 3:00 am.

So, on this HOT 90+ degree day when I had consistent contractions on and off, I just kept it moving – laps around IKEA, a hardware store, cleaning the blinds. Around 8:00 pm I decided to go up and get ready for bed.

Contractions started again so I asked my husband to come up and time them. After the second round, I felt something strange and said “I think my water just broke”. It wasn’t like the movies – no gush of water. More a trickle. I wasn’t sure though.

We called LWC and Jade answered. She said that since I was positive for step B I had better come in so they could check and start me on antibiotics if my water had broken. Around 10pm we arrived. She confirmed my water had broken but I was 0 cm dilated – bummer! 3-4 hours later, contractions were getting stronger but I was finished the IV meds. She and nurse Katy suggested I go home. “It could be a while” they said, “try to get some sleep and labor at home. We’ll see you at 8:00 am for your next dose of antibiotic”.

I got into bed around 2:30/3:00am and tried to sleep. Over the next half hour contractions were stronger and stronger. My husband came to bed at about 3:15am. He went right to sleep. I hit him awake a few minutes later and said “I think we need to go back”. He shushed me, half awake, and reminded me that Katy and Jade had told us to expect laboring to take a while. “Try to get some sleep” he said.

Another strong contraction 3 minutes later and I screamed at him to call now (although maybe with a bit more colorful language). Jade had the same doubts as my husband (I mean, I was 0cm a few hours ago) but agreed we should come in.

At this point it is now 3:30 am on Tuesday July 23rd and there is an absolute torrential downpour. We get into the car for the 17min drive and I’m now howling at the moon, soaking wet. We get to LWC and Katy greets me at the door. “Everything has changed,” I tell her. They check and I’m now 9cm dilated.

Katy coached me through the next hour or so. Her calm voice helped guide my husband to tell me what to do. Around 6:00 am it was time to push. Jade and Katy were right there encouraging me, coaching me. Even at 7:00 am shift change, Katy stayed until our son, Aidan was born at 7:07am.

It was the most empowering experience of my life and I had these two amazing women and my husband to thank for giving me that last bit of strength and encouragement I needed. I cannot say enough great things about LWC and hope to be back again in the future!