Lifecycle WomanCare is growing… expanding both the campus and our programs!

Throughout the challenges of the COVID pandemic, LWC saw a consistent increase in demand for The Birth Center, prenatal care, and gynecological services. We are thriving! 


Now more than ever, people want an intimate space for empowered healthcare, with support from highly educated professionals such as our midwives, nurse-practitioners, and nurses. Due to the deep partnership with our clients, the LWC model of care achieves consistently excellent outcomes.

In May of 2021, LWC bought the building next to our offices in Bryn Mawr. After renovating this building and the 3rd floor of the current building, this expansion will allow us to serve the community in new ways:


$600k Challenge


Lifecycle WomanCare has received a generous matching grant and we need your help to secure it! Donate today to help us meet the goal of $600k. 


Your gift will bring personalized, relationship-based care to more people!


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The Campus Expansion Campaign Brings:


​​Increased care options

With the addition of more clinical space, there will be more dedicated space for prenatal and gynecological appointments. 


NEW mental health counseling

The last year has brought a heightened awareness of mental health challenges and their impact. The new space will allow LWC to offer new counseling services with a licensed therapist.

Expanded education programs and support groups

Childbirth preparation classes that focus on low intervention birth, as well as lactation and parenting classes that are open to the community, not just LWC clients


Seminars on the midwifery model of care for nursing and midwifery students, and community partners


Plus MORE of what we already do! Including: 

  • Removing potential barriers to care with the Black Birthship Fund
  • Meeting increased demand for midwives with the Midwifery Fellowship Program since 2014
  • Training for family/friends to become a Certified Birth Support Person, for those having their babies at The Birth Center who do not have access to professional doula care

Make a Gift Today


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IRA Required Minimum Distribution

Are you age 70.5 or older? Consider directing your RMD directly to Lifecycle WomanCare to reduce your taxable income. Gifts must be sent directly from your IRA custodian.



You can pledge your support over a period of time.

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