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Katy Feniello, CNM


Katy began her career at Lifecycle in 2016. She started as a Staff Nurse and Childbirth Educator.

After earning her midwifery degree, Katy completed Lifecycle’s Midwifery Fellowship Program before transitioning to the role of staff midwife.

Katy has a diverse background. She earned her BA in Philosophy, worked in public interest law, and began her healthcare career at a sub-acute rehab and hospice facility. She is also trained in pelvic floor myofascial release and reiki, and began supporting laboring people as a doula in 2011.

Her favorite thing about Lifecycle are her “brilliant, devoted colleagues, who all co-create an exceptional, collaborative work environment in which we can give excellent care.”

Outside of work, Katy keeps a Red Tent Temple in her home where she hosts circles and ceremonies. She is thrilled to work in the birth center setting with her Lifecycle family.