The Biggest Adventure: Shawna’s Lifecycle WomanCare Birth Story

14 Sep The Biggest Adventure: Shawna’s Lifecycle WomanCare Birth Story

Shawna's Birth StoryThe night before your big debut, I tossed and turned, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. What would you look like? How would I do? Is everything ready and washed and brand new?


9:00am – I opened my eyes, gave a nice big stretch and that’s when I felt the pop. “Uhhh….” I thought, then I shot up just like the movies. Your waters came raging out of me like a river leading us down to our biggest adventure. Dad made breakfast and took Luna for a run and after, we got in the car and made our way to the birth center.

12:00pm – Carol met us and showed us to “The Green Room”. What a perfect room that was, like they knew it was our color. Once we were settled and cozy, we found out I was 5cm dilated! You were 🎶makin’ your way down town🎶 so to speak.

Shawna's Birth Stroy12:45pm – As the rushes got closer and more intense, Daddy filled the nice big tub for me. The relief I felt in the tub gave me the strength for what was to come next.

I rotated through various positions until I found what was right for us. This was the hardest part and I was so tired. Daddy held me right and whispered encouraging words into my ear as I screamed and pushed. Carol coached me and kept my spirits high.

3:45pm – Juniper Francis, my sweet. We did it and you are so, so beautiful.


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