The Birth Center at LWC

Since 1978 The Birth Center at Lifecycle WomanCare has provided exceptional maternity and birth services to women seeking a safe, comfortable, out-of-hospital birth experience in a home-like setting. The LWC team believes strongly that birth is a natural and empowering experience. Our midwifery model of care is committed to providing the mother with the support, education, and empowerment to have the birth experience that is right for her and her family.

View Our Full Offering of Maternity and Birth Services

View Our Full Offering of Maternity and Birth Services

“The care I received at The Birth Center at LWC was nothing short of spectacular. From my first prenatal appointment to my son’s birth to my post-partum check-up, I truly felt that my baby and I were deeply cared for. The one-on-one care was so wonderful, as was getting to involve my son in all of my appointments. I wasn’t just “patient number x” at The Birth Center. They cared for my family and considered us important. I will never put my feminine health, prenatal care, or children’s birth in the hands of anyone other than the LWC nurses, midwives, and staff ever again. Nothing could measure up to LWC’s outstanding staff and care!”


Lauren C. 

Unmatched History


The first licensed birth center in Pennsylvania, ours is one of the oldest continually operational birth centers in the United States. The Birth Center at LWC was established in 1978 to fill a community need for more personal, family-centered care for women in childbirth and throughout their lives. We have served tens of thousands of families and become both a hub and an advocate for a long-term, relationship-based approach to healthcare.

13,000 Babies


Since 1978, we have delivered more than 13,000 babies, providing the highest level of personal care to women and their families throughout the greater Philadelphia region.

Exceptional Health Outcomes


Only about 6% of women whose birth begins at LWC result in caesarean delivery, compared to 32.8% of all U.S. births.[1] Fewer caesarean sections result in reduced hospital and medical visits, and a faster and easier return home for mother and child. Midwife-led births also result in a significantly higher rate of breastfeeding success, from initiation to months later. More than 90% of LWC mothers are still breastfeeding exclusively at six weeks, compared to a national average of 48%.[2]


LWC also emphasizes the value of uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby immediately after delivery. Research has shown wide-ranging benefits of immediate skin-to-skin contact, including greater respiratory, temperature, and glucose stability of the baby, better facilitated attachment between mother and baby, and even better sleep and increased brain development in babies.”


Amid growing recognition that our relationship-based model of care provides exceptional health outcomes like these, demand for LWC’s programs and services has increased dramatically in the past decade, and continues to grow. It took almost 30 years to deliver our first 6,000 babies, but only 7 years to get from there to our 10,000th baby, who was born in 2014. In the last decade, we have expanded from approximately 350 births per year to 550 births in 2015 alone. Our breastfeeding services have doubled, and our well-woman care expanded as well. More than 3,000 women received care and support of all kinds from LWC in 2015.


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